MULTISENSORY SOLUTION FOR SCREENING, Diagnosis & Treatment of DYSLEXIA & other learning disorders

There are tremendous opportunities to do great things
with VR. It’s what we’ve dreamed about in psychology—
a controlled stimulus environment where you make things
happen, monitor patient responses, and activate emotions
in ways far beyond what we could ever do in a clinical office.”
Skip Rizzo, PhD, research professor in gerontology and
psychiatry at the University of Southern California (USC).

How does it work?

Virtual Reality is a groundbreaking technology that allows for MULTISENSORY LEARNING, which involves making use of sight and sound simultaneously. This helps learners who are dyslexic to transfer information from short-term memory into longer lasting ones with more ease than ever before!

The ability to customize entire visual and auditory environments, font styles and sizes as well as background colours allows for personalized medical intervention in order to help individuals with learning disorders.

For many people, the idea of school being closed is a huge worry. As you can imagine with all these students out there in need and no one to teach them how things work it's not exactly ideal for any child who wants an education but doesn't get enough attention from their teachers or don't perform well because they have dyslexia (or some other formative reading disability).
The solution? Virtual Reality! Not only does VR increase facilities needed; It also allows those struggling academically access this treatment without having trouble understanding what instructors say during lessons - making learning so much easier on both ends.
VR is proving to deliver impressive advancements in key learning metrics such as reductions in learning time, increased information recall and greater confidence in applying the learnings to the real world.

AR learning allows for tasks to be performed in a gaming environment, making the experience enjoyable and subsequently maintainable for the child.


The New Era of AR & VR ability in diagnosis with quantifiable data.

Optical Simulator

The power of 3D scenarios paired with the latest technology is unparalleled when it comes to virtually creating any scene you can think up, then finding a solution that will fit your needs.

Brain Wave Monitoring

Transforming Brain Signals Into Real-time
Feedback, giving the ability to diagnose
behavioural deficits and manage those in
learning disabilities.

Eye Tracking

Virtually tracking, measuring and plotting
eye movements during reading and learning


Look to the future

3664 x 1920 LCD screen

Starting with the powerful Qualcomm XR2 processor, 6GB RAM (Neo 3 Pro) or 8GB RAM (Neo 3 Pro Eye,256GB onboard storage.

Built-In Eye tracking

for enhanced mechanics and data gathering allowing your business to gain key insights into customer behavior, reduce training time, and to improve safety and productivity.


It’s really easy
to use our VR

For the first time ever, quantifiable and measuring inputs are included such as focal tracking, time and accuracy recording of sessions and verbal responses. This results in a more accurate treatment paradigm.

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