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Added value Biometric Feedback

Currently, biometric data is not being measured or monitored when conducting assessments for learning disabilities, even though it has been shown that children experience high levels of stress and anxiety during assessments of learning disabilities.

Also, heart rate and brain wave function are closely related [“Heart rate variability, EEG activity and attention” (2007)]. When our heart rate is high, our brain waves become disorderly. This indicates that the relation between heart rate and brain wave function is very close also in humans.

Biometric data to collect when conducting a dyslexia assessment include :

-EEG (brain wave function)

-stress levels

-heart rate variability

Collecting this data can provide added value to an assessment, as it can help to identify specific areas of difficulty for a child. For example, if a child has difficulty with word decoding, this may be reflected in their brain wave function. Similarly, heart rate and stress levels can be monitored to see if they are affected by the assessment process.

There is growing evidence that biometric feedback can be used to help children with dyslexia. For example, research has shown that brain wave function can be improved through training programs that use biofeedback (Wang et al., 2016). It is hoped that this type of higher level data will provide more information about how children with dyslexia learn and improve their reading skills.

At present, there is no clear evidence that biometric feedback can help to improve reading skills in children with dyslexia. However, the use of biofeedback may help to reduce stress levels and improve heart rate variability in these children.

VisionweaRx harnesses the power of Biometrics to incorporate these feedback data in order to not only allow for a more comprehensive and child friendly diagnosis, but also during training where people with developmental disabilities can learn how to successfully regulate their body functions.

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