sgda dyslexia online courses

Stark Griffin Dyslexia Academy International Online Training Courses

We incorporate the neuroscience of dyslexia to enable registered professionals and teachers to significantly impact the lives of children with dyslexia.

dyslexia training for professioanals

The following professionals are allowed to take this course: Optometrists, Audiologists, Speech therapists, Psychologists & psychometrists. Once successfully completed professionals may offer services in screening and diagnosing specific learning disorders.

sgda junior assessment course

Registered professionals are allowed to register for this training and offer assessment services once successfully completed.

dyslexia training for teachers

With over 5% of the population experiencing some form or other dyslexia, it is important for teachers to be aware and knowledgeable about this common learning disability. The SGDA's training course provides an in-depth understanding not only what exactly 'dyslexia' entails but also explains early indicators that may signal someone as having a problem with reading comprehension skills; they learn ways on how best assist these students so there can still have successful careers after graduation despite their struggles throughout childhood years!