dyslexia therapy course for teachers
dyslexia training for teachers

SGDA Dyslexia Training
Programme for Teachers

With over 5% of the population experiencing some form or other dyslexia, it is important for teachers to be aware and knowledgeable about this common learning disability. The SGDA's training course provides an in-depth understanding not only what exactly 'dyslexia' entails but also explains early indicators that may signal someone as having a problem with reading comprehension skills; they learn ways on how best assist these students so there can still have successful careers after graduation despite their struggles throughout childhood years!

The course helps teachers learn more about providing strategies for their specific learning styles, as well therapy when needed to assist learners.

What is dyslexia?
Learning strategies and therapy
Teaching strategies

Registration Fee: $99 per delegate

Duration: 90 minutes

Important Information & Course Outline

  1. Defining Dyslexia
  2. The Causes of Dyslexia
  3. Recognizing Dyslexia
  4. Signs and Symptoms of Dyslexia
  5. Early Indicators
  6. The Disguised Blessing
  7. Visually Deaf and Auditory Blind
  8. Cornical and Sub-Cornical Vocalization or Inner Speech
  9. Neuro-Anatomical Model Of Dyslexia
  10. Categories of Dyslexia
  1. Focusing on Strengths
  2. Exclusionary Factors
  3. Visual and Auditory Problems
  4. Laterality and Directionality
  5. Phonics
  6. Phonological Awareness
  7. Multisensory Approaches
  8. Fernald Method
  9. Orton-Gillingham Method
  10. The Stark-Griffin VAKT Method
  11. The Multidisciplinary Team
  12. Emotional Problems
  13. Study Skills
  14. Strategies for Successful Learning
  1. Dyslexia in the Classroom
  2. Classroom Adaptions
  3. Develop the Child Socially and Emotionally
  4. Accommodations and Concessions
  5. Conduct Policy for Learners with Barriers to Learning
  6. Inclusive Education
  7. Assistive Charts, Tables and Technology
  8. Other Learning Disorders