Dyslexia Training Program for Teachers

Dyslexia Training Program for Teachers


SGDA Dyslexia Training
Programme for Teachers

Registration Fee: $99 per delegate

Duration: 90 minutes

With over 5% of the population experiencing some form or other dyslexia, it is important for teachers to be aware and knowledgeable about this common learning disability.

The SGDA’s training course provides an in-depth understanding not only what exactly ‘dyslexia’ entails but also explains early indicators that may signal someone as having a problem with reading comprehension skills; they learn ways on how best assist these students so there can still have successful careers after graduation despite their struggles throughout childhood years!

The course helps teachers learn more about providing strategies for their specific learning styles, as well therapy when needed to assist learners.

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For centuries professionals have been querying the phenomenon of a scholar who may have normal sensory, perceptual, cognitive and motor abilities, and yet have marked difficulties decoding (reading) and encoding (writing) the written language.
Parents of these children recognize their child’s adequate inherent intelligence but are puzzled as to why there is a problem with reading, writing and spelling. This paradoxical phenomenon is known as dyslexia.


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