Dyslexia Training Course for Professionals

Dyslexia Training Course for Professionals


SGDA Dyslexia Training
Course for Professionals

The following professionals are allowed to take this course: Optometrists, Audiologists, Speech therapists, Psychologists & psychometrists. Once successfully completed professionals may offer services in screening and diagnosing specific learning disorders.

Registration Fee: $987 per delegate

Duration: 16 hours

You’ll only have access to the training modules for 5 weeks after registration, so make sure you watch all of them and complete each quiz before that time ends!

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You can expect a intense and immersive experience with this course. You’ll have access to 12 training modules, during which you must watch each presentations as complete the quiz (pass rate = 80%) before you proceed to the next presentation.


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The Internship Program is compulsory to complete your SGDA qualification.

You need to administer four (4) consecutive assessments, preferably on family members or friends. These internship tests should be submitted to SGDA Head Office for scoring directly after completion to subsequently address errors and prevent replicating them in future testing sessions.

Once these 4 internship assessments have been successfully completed, you register as a SGDA Professional and become part of the SGDA family and referral directory.

You are required to purchase a Stark Griffin dyslexia assessment package within 6 months of completing the course and receiving certification.

A full version in either English or Afrikaans is available for those who want it, and half-packages are available for some alternative language.  More information about this will be provided on the completion of the Internship stage.

All SGDA assessments are submitted to SGDA head office for marking and report generation on completion of the diagnostic assessment.

The cost of marking and report is $50 paid by the practice directly to SGDA on receipt of invoice.

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